Colombara srl

The company COLOMBARA SRL has been operating since 1989 and mainly deals with electrical installations and technology in industrial, commercial, hotel and hospital.

Our experience is based on work carried out both nationally and abroad in the production of electrical installations in medium and low voltage , telephone, data transmission, detection and extinguishing fires, mechanical systems to ensure air conditioning systems.

Our company has the SOA (execution requires qualification for public works) by category:

general works OG1 edifici civili e industriali
OG9 class.III Impianti di produzione energia (fotovoltaici, eolici, ecc.)
OG10 class.III Impianti per la trasformazione alta /media tensione e per la distribuzione di energia elettrica in corrente alternata e continua
OG11 class. IV Impianti tecnologici
specialist work OS19 class.II Impianti trasmissione dati, telefonici, speciali
OS30 class.II Impianti elettrici
project classifica V

We can guarantee a work given by a young but experienced, motivated and reliable, which works exactly as per provision under the accident prevention business security plan.

  • Lighting of open-space: fully balanced systems in the distribution of luminance, achieved through direct and indirect lighting, with enhancement of the furnishings and items on sale, with traditional or DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)
  • Safety in workplace (DL 81/08): emergency lighting and backup systems in the workplace and in places open to the public, identifying escape routes and their safe use, anti-panic lighting, emergency lighting in places
  • Design Electrical equipment: made by qualified personnel in writing to the relevant professional register (DM37/2008), both for civil and industrial buildings, with construction management and inspection of installations to be carried out, fire
  • Design: In addition to the activities subject to, according to DM 16/2/82, the issue of the Certificate Fire Prevention: We provide advice from our qualified staff member nellapposito list of the Interior Ministry.

Our organizational structure allows us to operate according to the best technological features, relying on systems design in AutoCAD simulation 3D rendering results when project.

The current headquarters of Camisano Vicentino of 1000 square meters allows us to warehouse management and construction sites with extreme traceability of products and processes.

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